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How will the EU Industrial Emissions Directive Impact the Brewing and Drinks Sector?

Frank Wayman

16 May 18

The Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) is an important piece of legislation for the brewing and drinks sector. It commits European Union member states to limiting the environmental impact of emissions from industrial production.

If your organisation is a significant producer of waste emissions or effluent, as many brewers and drinks companies are, the IED requires you to pay for that waste to be cleaned up. Inevitably, this has raised concerns within the industry, especially around compliance and cost.

To help address these concerns, Dr Frank Wayman of Alpheus has written a detailed e-book which provides a step-by-step guide to understanding the Industrial Emissions Directive and how producers should plan for compliance.

Alpheus food and bev

Frank has worked in the Technical & Engineering team at Alpheus for the past 14 years. He is also a member of the UK delegation to the Combined Waste Water and Waste Gas (CWW) BREF Technical Working Group. In this role he contributed to the forthcoming FDM BREF (Best Available Techniques Reference Document) which producers need to use in their planning for compliance.


The e-book addresses all the key questions and concerns that producers have about the IED, including:


  • What is the Industrial Emissions Directive?
  • What is a BREF?
  • What producers will be affected in the FD&M sector?
  • What the FD&M industry should do in response to the FD&M BREF?
  • How is the BAT assessment carried out?
  • Examples of BAT technology applied to the brewing and soft drinks sectors
  • How will Brexit affect the IED?
  • Who can help producers with their BAT assessment

For full details please download the e-book.

Alpheus is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Anglian Water Group, which is one of Europe’s leading providers in water and wastewater recycling services.  Our team of process/environmental scientists and electrical/mechanical engineers are leading experts in their fields. Together, they have a wealth of experience in the design, operation and management of water and wastewater assets for the industrial and public sector.

We focus on delivering innovative and sustainable solutions to our clients looking at best technology available to each specific industry sector. Based in Huntingdon (UK), we manage some of the largest private and public UK sites across a wide range of sectors such as: food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, leisure, power and educational and research campuses.

Alpheus food and bev

Through years of working with the FD&M industry, our strength sits on our capability to understand the sector specific needs and using our experience and knowledge to deliver robust process designs that take into account current clients’ operations and how this will be affected by upcoming changes to environmental regulation. We are therefore expertly placed to advise on the technology available to deliver the best ‘fit’ effluent treatment solution for your business.

If your organisation needs advice on meeting the requirements of the IED, please contact Steve Wilcox on 01234 686100.

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