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  • Cranfield-site

    In 2011 Alpheus refurbished the sewage treatment plant and since then has been contracted by Cranfield to supply a comprehensive range of services including: full operations and maintenance; Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM); sampling; chemical supply and dosing; sludge tankering and recycling; and grease trap management for campus facilities.

    • Operations
  • Tankered Waste Services

    Norfolk County Council (NCC) has a duty of care as well as a responsibility to ensure that its landfill sites do not pose a threat to the environment.

    • Tankered Waste Services
  • East Midlands Airport

    Alpheus has been supporting EMA since 2010 with the management, transport and disposal of different liquid waste streams, including sewage, interceptor waste and storm water.

    • Tankered Waste Services
  • 13 Sep 18
    Holiday villages

    A household name and family favourite holiday company operates five holiday villages across the UK providing luxury accommodation and activity centres.

    Two of their sites in the UK have on-site treatment plants to treat the wastewater generated by the holiday villages prior to discharge to the environment.

    • Operations
  • How will the EU Industrial Emissions Directive Impact the Brewing and Drinks Sector?

    The Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) is a key piece of legislation for the UK brewing and drinks sector. It commits EU member states to limiting the environmental impact of emissions from industrial production.

    • Food and Beverage Industry
  • 18 Jun 18
    Wilkin & Sons

    Wilkin & Sons recognises that all its activities have an impact on the environment and is therefore committed to a programme of continual improvement in environmental performance, prevention of pollution and compliance with environmental legislation.

    • Tankered Waste Services
  • Pharmaceutical Waste Water Treatment

    At its manufacturing site in Western Scotland, this large pharmaceutical client has an effluent stream with a complex make-up of biological and chemical contaminants and a load equivalent to a medium-sized city. The wastewater requires multiple treatment processes to enable its discharge to the environment via a long sea outfall.

    • Operations
  • Alpheus Tankered Waste

    Alpheus provide expert water and wastewater treatment services across a range of private and public sectors in the UK.

    Our Waste Recycling Centres are located in Basildon, Lincoln, Milton Keynes and Norwich.

    • Tankered Waste Services
  • 08 Feb 18
    Seafood production Alpheus Capital project

    The production plant manufactures and processes both coated fish and fresh fish products. The effluent produced by the manufacturing and processing site is discharged to the public sewer via four effluent mains.

    • Capital Management
  • 08 Feb 18
    Princes Capital Projects Alpheus

    Princes Soft Drinks in Bradford is a leading producer of own-brand carbonated soft drinks. The effluent from the site is discharged to the Yorkshire Waters public sewer.

    • Capital Management