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Food & Beverage Wastewater Management Services

Alpheus have nearly 30 years of experience operating in this sector providing both project-based solutions and outsourced operation and management.

The treatment of wastewaters from the food, drink and beverage sector is often characterised by both the variety and strength of the effluent produced. Changes in products produced and associated CIP (Cleaning in Place) lead to some sector specific challenges.

Solutions can be varied, depending on the nature of the effluent, and can range from relatively simple balancing and pH correction systems through to full anaerobic digestion systems. These systems not only treat the effluent but are also able to generate beneficial by-products, in the form of biogas, which can be used for energy generation and to help meet sustainability goals.

Making the best selection and demonstrating BAT (Best Available Technology) in this sector is dependent on having a full understanding of business needs, not only in terms of effluent quality, but future expansion plans, changes in product nature e.g. salt and sugar reduction. These factors all come together to provide a framework that needs careful consideration to provide the most appropriate solution. 

Operation and management in this sector benefits from a close relationship between the operator and producer. This helps to ensure that the variable nature of the influent is recognised and identified. Our aim is to develop these relationships with our clients to the benefit of all parties.