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Why choose us?

Why Choose Us For Your Water and Wastewater Operational & Management Services?

•    Safety Focus: We ensure the highest standards of health and safety on our sites, protecting people and the environment - as well as reputations. Our experience and knowledge of managing H&S across multiple businesses, industries, and operations mean we are able to quickly identify opportunities for improvements in both Process and Functional safety.

•    Ensure Compliance: Protecting the environment is the core of what we do. Our highly skilled site teams carry out sampling, monitoring, preventative maintenance and reporting on a daily basis. This approach, together with our extensive technical and process support (including our team of scientists), ensures that compliance is monitored and maintained and any unusual trends quickly identified and dealt with. 

•    Award-Winning: We are proud to announce that we won ‘Best AD/Biogas Support’ category at the 2020 AD & Biogas Industry Awards’, hosted by ADBA, (The Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association), for our work in supporting Glenmorangie distillery in Tain, Scotland. 

•    People-centered: Existing team on-site? We can retain, develop and train existing site staff, utilising their local knowledge and experience and ensuring a smooth transition for both people and operations. We TUPE staff across if necessary and we treat all employees as part of Alpheus, wherever they are located. Field staff are always considered an integral part of our team.

•    Partnership Approach: Our collaborative way of working is an important factor in why some of the world's leading brands continue to choose and trust us. And with 100% retention and renewals record over the past three years, across all of our sites, the success of our partnership approach speaks for itself. 

•    Optimise and Increase Efficiency: Our extensive and specialist knowledge, expertise and experience enables us to improve the performance of our clients’ assets, making them work smarter and harder to realise multiple benefits, operational cost savings, and deliver continuous Improvement.

•    Part of Anglian Water Group: Alpheus is part of one of the UK’s largest water companies; Anglian Water. Our sister company, Celtic Anglian Water (CAW), is one of Ireland’s leading water and wastewater contractors, treating over 50% of Ireland’s wastewater. 

•    Unique Offering: With shared management and technical teams, combined with our own extensive industry knowledge and commercial expertise, Alpheus and CAW have developed an innovative and unique offering in the municipal, industrial and commercial sectors in both the UK and Ireland. This offering draws on our wide range of industry expertise and vast technical experience from across the whole Anglian Water Group. Unlike other providers, we have access to a much wider network of skilled people, knowledge and experience.



We have extensive experience in operating across a wide range of sites – from simple reedbed systems to the most complex membrane bioreactor plants and anaerobic systems. 

Our water and wastewater treatment, processing and management services include:   

•    Anaerobic Digestion (AD): This involves the treatment of industrial by-products and wastewater to generate on-site power or enriched bio-gas, (excess can also be sold to the grid). AD also produces biosolids or ‘sludge’ which can be sold to seed new anaerobic systems or used as agricultural soil conditioner. Through innovation and expert design, on-site AD plants have become straight-forward to operate and maintain - and they’re no longer costly to operate.

•    Aerobic treatment systems: These produce high-quality secondary effluent from industrial wastewater or sewage. Aerobic treatment of wastewater is a biological process that uses oxygen to break down organic contaminants and other pollutants like nitrogen and phosphorous. Aerobic treatment is usually used to polish industrial wastewater pre-treated by anaerobic processes. This ensures the wastewater is fully degraded and can be safely discharged in accordance with strict environmental regulations. 

Aerobic treatment processes are suitable for a range of industries such as Food and Beverage, Chemical, and Municipal. We offer several different technologies for the aerobic treatment of wastewater and sewage: Submerged Aerated Filters (SAF), Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBR), conventional Activated Sludge (AS), Membrane Bioreactors Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors (MBBRs), and Trickling Filters (TF).

•    Dissolved Air Flotation
•    Reverse Osmosis 
•    Ultrafiltration devices 

Our services also include:  

•    Application of ‘Lean 6 Sigma’ principles, to drive cost efficiencies
•    Establishing innovation technical groups, for optimisation projects
•    Advising on adapting installations to comply with legislation changes, such as the Industrials Emissions Directive (IED)
•    Management of energy systems, to minimise operational costs
•    Provision of a 24/7 call out service, providing resources when you need them
•    Providing tankering support in emergency situations
•    Asset Surveys
•    Tailored Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) plans
•    Use of critical data management processes
•    Comprehensive monthly reporting of plant performance



In the UK we operate across multiple industries, including:

•   Food & Beverage
•   Municipal
•   Pharmaceutical
•   Leisure
•   Manufacturing
•   Transport