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Waste Accepted

Waste Accepted By Us

Here is a summary of typical wastes types suitable for treatment at Alpheus Sites

  • Oil Interceptors
  • Vehicle Wash Bays

  • Garage Forecourts
  • Surface Water Drainage
  • Airport Runways
  • Cooling Water
  • Food Processing Effluents
  • *Landfill Leachates
  • *Printing Inks/Washings
  • *Spray Booth Wastes
  • *Cosmetic Washings
  • Contaminated Sewage
  • Adhesive and Resin Effluents

Waste marked with an * will require an upfront sample or analysis

For a full list of acceptable wastes please refer to our Permit or for more information please call 01234 686100, and ask to speak to a member of the Tankered Waste Services team.