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Ensuring the highest standards of wastewater treatment is critical for one of the UK’s most popular short break and holiday parks, whose aim is to give their guest the best experience whilst existing in synergy within the environment around them.

During Spring 2023 we upgraded the membranes in their Membrane Bioreactor system by replacing with high performance membranes to improve efficiency and ensure consistent performance. These works were completed in a short period of time with no disruption to performance of the wastewater treatment plant.

Project Overview

Project Overview


As an environmentally responsible company, this client operates a waste water treatment plant on-site to treat liquid waste generated across the park, prior to being discharged back to the environment. To achieve the highest quality treated effluent, the wastewater treatment plant processes wastewater through screening and screen collection, balancing, biological treatment and solids separation by three Membrane Bioreactors that includes an advanced Membrane Bioreactor system to treat the water.

To ensure continued and efficient running of the Membrane bioreactor system, this project aimed to replace the existing membranes with high performance, lightweight, membranes that would provide:

  • 30% lower power consumption
  • Finer membrane elements for more efficient filtration
  • 50% higher packing density


Our specialist team of experienced mechanical and electrical field engineers, who are fully trained for working in Confined Spaces, completed the re-fit within two days with no disruption to wastewater treatment operations.

The new membranes will allow them to continue to discharge cleaned effluent that meets the strict standards for discharge to the environment and deliver the following benefits:

  • It will reduce the energy consumption of the MBRs by up to 30%.
  • The new modules are capable of treating up to 50% more flow per module, which would allow for an increase in capacity if needed.
  • As the new membranes comprise of six cassettes rather than a single one, this means that individual cassettes can be replaced instead of the whole module, which will result in significant cost saving when replacements are required.

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