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Princes Soft Drinks in Bradford is a leading producer of carbonated soft drinks. The effluent from the site is discharged to the Yorkshire Water public sewer.

Its effluent balancing and pH correction system had served the production site well for many years. However, as the system reached the end of its life cycle and the plant expanded in capacity, Princes had begun to experience challenges in relation to pH and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) levels.

The factory essentially generates two types of effluent streams: Production waste which is generally acidic in nature due to the fruit juice content; and Clean in Place (CIP) effluent, which is generally alkaline in nature. In addition, there is a potential to receive high strength COD waste in the event of spillages, etc. Princes needed an innovative and modern system to meet their changing needs and invited Alpheus to evaluate possible solutions.

Alpheus recognised the opportunity for a more efficient self-neutralising system by capturing and mixing the various effluent streams.

Engineering and Design services provided

We undertook an analysis of historical data to understand the nature of these effluents. We also conducted research into the instrumentation market to find the best technology to measure effluent strength and how it could be most effectively applied.

As a result of our research and analysis, we designed a more effective system which was based on the detection and capture of high strength waste and pH correction and balancing of the remainder

Construction and Delivery of the solution

We devised an integrated solution comprised of three connected elements. First, our system detects the COD strength of incoming effluent which, if it is too high, is sent to a diversion tank to be tankered off site or bled back into the plant in a controlled manner.

The second part is a balancing system sized to maximise the self-neutralisation of pH. By capturing both acid and alkali wastes in a balance tank, a degree of self-neutralisation takes place, reducing the need to use additional acid or alkali to adjust pH level, hence reducing overall cost.

The third part of our integrated solution responds to occasions when the mix of effluent is such that pH can’t be fully self-neutralised to meet the conditions of the discharge consent. In such cases, a flash mixed pH correction tank receives flows from the balance tank prior to discharge to the sewer. Acid or alkali can be dosed in this tank to finally adjust the pH if required.

The Outcome

By combining high-quality instrumentation to detect high-strength effluent streams and an innovative way of combining streams to promote self-neutralisation of effluents, the solution provided by Alpheus has ensured effluent compliance for the Princes plant and minimised chemicals used to adjust pH, thereby reducing costs.

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