Site Supervisor at liquid waste recycling site carrying out maintenance

Spotlight on Liquid Waste Recycling Site Supervisor – Martin Brown

Alexandra Johnson
April 11, 2024
3 minute read

Martin, Site Supervisor at our Lincolnshire Liquid Waste Recycling site has been helping customers to recycle their liquid waste safely and compliantly for the last 17 years and counting!

We caught up with him to get some insight into a typical day in the life of a Site Supervisor and to discover what has kept him loyal to Alpheus for nearly two decades.

After initially planning a career in farming, Martin qualified as an Electrician in his early career before joining the water industry as a Field Engineer. After many years as a self-employed contractor, Martin joined Alpheus in 2007 to run our Lincoln Liquid Waste recycling site and hasn’t looked back since – when not at work Martin enjoys playing rugby and heading out for road trips on his Suzuki Bandit!

What does a typical day look like in your role?

When I arrive for the day - aside from starting with a strong cup of tea - the first thing I do is check around the site to ensure that the site is safe and in good order to receive liquid waste.
The main focus of my day is enabling tankers to dispose of their waste for liquid recycling quickly, safely and efficiently. This includes testing their samples and, of course, checking and issuing waste transfer documentation.
Greeting customers and taking samples
For each tanker that arrives, I check their paperwork and test a sample of their liquid waste to ensure pH and COD levels are within our requirements, as well as doing a visual check for oil and solids samples are then sent to a lab for further tests.  This helps us manage our waste recycling process as effectively as possible whilst remaining compliant. For first-time drivers, I will carry out a site induction and help them with any queries and issues.
I’ll process 10-15 loads a day on average, but on the busiest days, it could be closer to twenty.
To keep the site running smoothly and compliantly I carry out several daily, weekly and monthly maintenance tasks and checks.
Whilst it is just me managing the site, I’m never bored or lonely. I have plenty of interaction with the drivers, many of whom are regulars, and the support of the wider Alpheus team (mostly remotely, but also in person from time to time).

What do you love about your job?

I enjoy the fact that I have a high level of independence. I am trusted to run the site, with the support of our customer service team and the backup of the management team. It also gives me a good life balance as it’s great to have a high level of autonomy without high levels of stress.
For me, the fact that Alpheus is part of one of the largest UK water companies, Anglian Water, is also a great benefit in terms of job security, benefits and job opportunities. It is great to be part of such a friendly and supportive team.

What is it like working for Alpheus?

Whilst I enjoy the independence of running the site, I have excellent backup from the Alpheus team, particularly from a customer service and health and safety perspective. The fact we’re part of Anglian Water makes a difference as we work to the highest standards and have access to further training and support.

If you’re interested in joining Alpheus as a Site Supervisor, we’re currently recruiting for a Site Supervisor role at our Essex Liquid Waste recycling site in Basildon. Find out more and apply on the Anglian Water Careers website.

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