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Tankered Waste Services


Waste Tanker Services

Our Tankered Waste Services provides liquid waste disposal at four strategically located sites in Milton Keynes, Lincoln, Basildon and Norwich.

Our facilities have Environment Agency permits and can accept a wide range of liquid wastes, such as food waste, leachate, sewage and waste contaminated with oils. All our sites are operated by experienced WAMITAB (Waste Management and Industry Training & Advisory Board) certified staff, ensuring waste streams are handled efficiently and in a compliant manner. The treatment process involves reception, blending and oil separation to allow recycling and further downstream biological treatment.

As a registered waste broker, we are fully accredited and approved to offer a full waste disposal service to customers. This includes advising on legislation, disposal routes, classification of wastes and cost-effective ways to meet regulatory standards. All waste collected goes to a permitted recycling facility, ensuring that your statutory requirements are met at all times.

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Routine disposal and recycling

We provide regular planned routine disposal and recycling of liquid wastes (including transportation if required). All waste movements are logged on our waste management systems ensuring our customers can demonstrate a full duty of care.


Emergency Tankering Services

In the event of a spillage, plant failure, or flooding, we offer emergency tankering to ensure that disruption and pollution are minimised. In addition, we provide demand tankering at regular intervals to ensure that the removal of liquid waste keeps pace with the flow. 


Brokering service

If you have a waste stream that is outside of the criteria of waste accepted by our waste disposal sites or is not practical to transport to them, we can broker waste streams on behalf of customers to third parties.


Tankered Waste Services Explained

The following animation explains how we receive, process, and treat liquid waste at our four tankered waste sites:


Our clients include: