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About Us

Who we are

We are a leading water and wastewater asset management company specialising in large wastewater treatment plants in both the public and private sector.

Combining technical knowledge and commercial expertise, we deliver tailored solutions that are effective, sustainable and cost-effective.

Adding value, building reputation and setting new standards: we are a trusted specialist provider working at the forefront of our industry sector.

Key Benefits

Our comprehensive range of services create clear and long-lasting benefits for our customers. These include:

  • Enhancing and optimising plant performance
  • Reducing operating costs
  • Meeting environmental obligations
  • Reducing process risks.

By ensuring business continuity and the highest levels of health and safety, we allow our customers to focus on their core operations in complete confidence.

A Proven Track Record

At Alpheus, our team of process/environmental scientists and electrical/mechanical engineers are leading experts in their fields. Together, they have a wealth of experience in the design, operation and management of water and wastewater assets.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Anglian Water Group, we are part of one of Europe’s leading providers in water services. Based in Huntingdon (UK), we manage some of the largest private and public UK sites across a wide range of sectors such as: pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, leisure, power and educational and research campuses. Alpheus also owns and operates four licensed waste disposal centres for the reception and treatment of tankered liquid waste.

Strength in partnership

At Alpheus, our success is built on the strong and productive partnerships we build with our public and private customers and our contractors. Over 26 years, we have created long-lasting relationships built on trust, shared values and mutual respect. In fact, our longest working partnership is now entering its third decade – a testament to both our consistent high standards and our ability to adapt to changing needs and circumstances.

As an integral part of the way we do business, we are always keen to strengthen our existing partnerships and to build new ones with like-minded operators who share the same commitment to excellence, credibility and exceptional customer service. For us, this collaborative approach is essential in keeping us at the forefront of our industry sector.